CNBA Business Association Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2013, 8:00 a.m.
Colts Neck Library

Glen Dalakian called meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. and welcomed everyone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Gassaway.

Glen thanked Perkins for their support of coffee and donuts at every meeting.  He also thanked Bob Gassaway for picking them up and setting them up for every meeting.

Bob Gassaway made motion to approve January minutes.  Art Becker second.  Motion was passed.

Dave Sokoler gave Treasurer’s report – CNBA currently has a balance of $2,889 in Money Market (scholarship account), $16,465 in PNC Operating Account and $7,063 in PayPal Account – Total $26,418.  The Luncheon income was $15,000, expenses were 9,700 giving us a profit of 5,700.    A motion was made to approve Treasurer’s Report. and second. Motion passed.

Glen gave kudos to the Luncheon committee and had them stand up to be recognized.  Jason gave Luncheon report saying that it went great and that he wants to head it up again next year in March.  See Jason with any input or interest in joining the committee.

Glen asked if anyone knew of any new businesses in town.  He said our Welcome Baskets were well filled last time. He said if anyone wanted to add some things to the baskets, they should see Leanne Lucarelli.

Dave will collect business cards at the end of the meeting for the Value Added program.  The winner last time was Mike Tormey.

Sue Fitzpatrick said the Spring mailer deadline is the last weekend in March. She said we want all members in it so all dues must be paid by Friday in order to be in the mailer.  Carolyn Burtnick will send another reminder email to everyone.  Glen said, “It is a nice mailer that Sue and Andrea put together so don’t miss being in it.”  It will promote the April 22 card exchange and other events.  The concept is to encourage everyone to shop locally.  It is mailed to all addresses in town.  The main thrust is the exposure of all CNBA members to the community.  

Ashford and Grace Jewelers matched the $1K that CNBA donated to Operation Provide Comfort Union Beach at the Luncheon.  Other funds were donated, as well.  Next Tuesday at 6:30 pm is the next Operation Provide Comfort meeting that will update the financials.

Glen said we are adding one more event to the CNBA calendar – the Town Hall Meeting in July.  The plan is to have representatives from the State Legislature and/or a social meet and greet or both.  The consensus was unanimous to move forward with the event.  No one volunteered to be on the committee.  Glen will ask individuals to help.

The Colts Neck Fair “Neighbors helping Neighbors” will be held June 28 and 29.  CNBA was asked to do a dunk tank again. Glen said that it is high profile and profitable for CNBA.  Volunteers will include Pastor Chris, Jean D’Alessio and Jill Valentino.

Glen said that the August card exchange will possibly be a joint venture with the Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and/or Eatontown Industrial Park Association.  It was agreed that there will be no speaker for the event.

Don Norkus said that there was no EDC meeting so nothing to report.  He suggested doing more with the Colts Neck Fair.

Patty Vollherbst reminded everyone that the CNBA website was being overhauled and was looking for any input as to design, colors, etc.  Gus said that he will help with it.

David Sokoler said that he is looking for speakers for General Meetings relevant to business benefiting the group.

Sue Fitzpatrick said that the kiosk is at Perkins and needs to go to Town Hall.  She asked if anyone can put it somewhere in a high profile area.  Glen said to take the maps and use them wisely.  If any errors are seen, report them to either Sue Fitzpatrick or Don Norkus.

Mike Tormey said that there are currently 139 CNBA members.  He told everyone to become a member today.  The cut off is Friday in order to be in the Spring mailer.

Josh from the Journal gave an update on the 3rd Annual Community Excellence Awards.  He asked CNBA members to nominate people in the following six categories:

Public Servant; Business; Local Volunteer Organization; Students Under Age 18; Philanthropist; Educator. Nominations are open until April 15 and can be made on-line at The winners will be published in May. This year, they want to focus on “Response to Hurricane Sandy.”  He said that everyone that gets nominated will get recognized.  Investors Bank is the presenting sponsor for the event. 

Today’s speaker is Gus Liapis of Odyssey Graphics.  Gus is speaking on Brand Awareness – How to Separate Your Entity from Other Businesses.

All in attendance introduced themselves.
Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Vermeulen
Recording Secretary

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