CNBA General Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2014, 8:00 a.m.
Colts Neck Library

Anna Appolonia called meeting to order at 8:10 a.m. and welcomed everyone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dan Simon (CNHS Principal)

CNBA officers introduced themselves (in attendance: Anna Appolonia, Carolyn Burtnick, Greg Calderaro and David Sokoler)

Bob Gassaway made motion to approve January 2014 minutes.  George Sherwood seconded. Motion was passed.

David Sokoler gave Treasurer’s report – CNBA currently has  $2890.37 in Money Market. $4,782.58 in PNC Checking Account and $12,489.70 in PayPal Account.  Total $20,162.65.  Morion to approve Treasurer’s Report by Mike Tormey and second by Bob Gassaway. Motion passed.

Andrea Giannopoulos made a motion to approve $500.00 for the CNBA sponsorship of Colts Neck High School’s Project Graduation.  Jill Valentino seconded.  Motion was passed.  

Colts Neck High School students spoke about Project Graduation.  They thanked the CNBA for being one of the sponsors of the event.

Anna Appolonia asked about any new businesses in town. Snack Revolution was brought up as well as a new optometrist office.

The next mailer will go out early March.  Sue Fitzpatrick reported on this.  She said that Carolyn Burtnick was helping her with the mailer.  To be included on the mailer, you must have paid your CNBA dues of $50 to the CNBA by end of day of February 12, 2014.

Carolyn Burtnick gave an update on the Holiday Window Painting Awards.  The CNBA was trying to set up a breakfast at Colts Neck High School for the awards ceremony, but due to inclement weather, it kept getting postponed. There will be a ceremony at the high school to award the winning students on February 20, 2014.

Pastor Chris Durkin of Colts Neck Community Church spoke about the First Responders Pancake Breakfast on February 22, 2014.  Even though the event is a FREE all you can eat, donations are encouraged and all donations go to Colts First Responders (First Aid and Fire Departments).

Bob Gassaway made a motion to give the First Responders Breakfast a donation of $1000.00 from the CNBA ($500 to First Aid and $500 to Fire Department).  George Sherwood seconded.  Motion was passed.  We will be reviewing this amount every year.

Jason Buccino gave an update on the luncheon. It will be held on March 25, 2014 at Trump National Golf Course at a cost of $45 per person, $400 for a table of 10.  There are 280 seats available and 10 vendor tables at $200 each, some vendor tables were sold already. He mentioned that everyone needs to start buying their tickets and getting the word out about the event.  He really needs the help of the Exec Committee. Instead of an ad journal there will be a Gift Bag in which sponsors can put something in at a cost of $100 – he mentioned that he only has a few businesses for this, and wanted to see if non-members could do this as well.  Discussion was held by all attendees and concluded that they must be a member of the CNBA. Members can buy their tickets, request seating and become a sponsor for the Gift Bags, on the website using PayPal or credit card.  He also mentioned that more emails need to be going out regarding the event.

Anna Appolonia thanked Orlandos for the January 2014 card exchange.  She also asked attendees who would be interested in sponsoring the April card exchange, Sue Fitzpatrick said she might be interested.

David Sokoler spoke about the Added Value program, which is awarded every three months to a CNBA member, and consists of a $500 check as well as services donated by members, he is looking to add new businesses or services for the winners.

Committee Reports

Economic Development: Glen Dalakian updated group, asking for a chair of the group.  He mentioned that a lot of the foundational ideas in the CNBA came from this committee.  Glen took on the role as new chair of the committee.

Welcome Committee: Leanne Lucarelli gave a brief update, stating their needs to be baskets given to the new businesses that are coming to town.  

Technology: Patty Vollherbst was not in attendance.

Education:  David Sokoler updated the group asking members interested in speaking on a specific topic to the group at future general meetings, to contact him regarding that.

Membership: Mike Tormey reported that there are currently 157 paid members.  He also mentioned that if you were not a member by the end of the day, you were not going to be on the mailer that will go out early March to all of Colts Neck.

The speaker was Greg Calderaro.

All in attendance introduced themselves.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Burtnick, Vice President

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