CNBA General Meeting Minutes
December 10, 2014
Colts Neck Library

Carolyn Burtnick called the meeting to order at 8:12a.m. and welcomed everyone

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Art Becker

CNBA officers introduced themselves, (in attendance Carolyn Burtnick, Greg Calderero, Patti Volherbst, David Sokoler, Glen Dalakian, Mary Barbagallo, Sue Fitzpatrick, Alison Antenucci)

Bob Gasaway made motion to approve November 2014 minutes. Art Becker seconded. Motion passed

David Sokoler gave Treasurer's report – CNBA has $5854.81 in PNC checking account, $4006.75 in Pay Pal account, and $2890.61 in Money Market account. Total $12,752.17. Motion to approve by Mike Tormey, seconded by Larry Fitzgerald. Motion passed.

Mike Tormey announced that his company is opening a new office in Colts Neck and it should be ready by the end of January. Two of his co-workers attended the meeting and introduced themselves.

Glen thanked Carolyn Burtnick and David Sokoler for their dedication and service over the last few years. He gave them each a Certificate of Appreciation and gift. He then introduced the new slate and installed the officers.

Greg complimented the students from CNHS for their window painting which was done for the holidays in several storefronts and thanked Carolyn for coordinating the project. A breakfast will be given for the students on Dec. 18th at the high school, at which time the winners will be announced.

Glen gave a brief update on the Econ. Development committee and spoke about the possibility of hiring an outside firm to help with the branding. He also mentioned that the Ordinance committee is being reactivated with Frank DelleDonna heading it up. They are looking for members to join the committee and try to work closer with the township committee.

Mike reported that 31 members have renewed so far for 2015 with a total of 236 members paid in 2014.

All attendees introduced themselves and was followed by a buffet breakfast and networking.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci, Recording Secretary

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