CNBA General Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2015
Colts Neck Library

Anna Appolonia called the meeting to order at 8:10 AM and welcomed everyone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Art Becker.

CNBA officers introducted themselves, (in attendance Anna Appolonia, Greg Calderero, Sue Fitzpatrick, Mary Barbagallo, Bab Gasaway, Art Becker, Glen Dalakian, Alison Antenucci)

Larry made motion to approve February 2015 minutes. Steve Porzio second. Motion passed.

Mary Barbagallo gave Treasurer's report - CNBA has $5,355.44 in PNC checking account, $14,184.62 in Pay Pal account, and $2,890.66 in Money Market account. Total $22, 430.72. Motion to approve Treasurer's report by Bob Gasaway, Art Becker second. Motion passed.

New businesses in town are Anthony's Walk Memory Care, soon to open in Ocean Twp. Remya, an interior designer, specializing in kitchen design is running her business from her Ocean Twp. home. Dino Nicoletta, a Colts Neck resident has just opened a carwash at the Asbury Park circle.

Economic Development – Greg has recently put out a RFP to two firms. This will hopefully lead to hiring one of them to help create a downtown, which has been the goal of the Econ. Dev. Committee.
Dr. Young has expressed interest in getting more involved in town and Greg mentioned he has already made plans to meet with him personally.
Greg also mentioned Intellispace – a concept of shared office space. There seemed to be interest on the part of many members who run businesses from their homes and would like to be able to meet in a more business-like setting with customers and business associates.

Frank DellaDonne, head of the ordinance said his committee would like to recommend one issue to be taken to Econ. Dev. for consideration. He also suggested we speak to Tom Arnone now, before the 537/Rt. 34 intersection construction begins so that signage might be incorporated into the project.

Dee said her husband, Bob, who is the Fire Commissioner in Colts Neck, would be willing to attend a meeting and speak about regulations and safety precautions that would help businesses avoid some of the difficulties rebuilding after disasters and emergencies.

Mike Tormey reported that we have 157 paid members versus 236 last year. An invoice will be sent to past members who have not renewed and hopefully will prompt some to sign up again.

Anna asked for anyone interested in speaking about their business to speak with David, who handles education. She also asked for volunteers for the map committee to work with Sue Fitzpatrick.

All attendees introduced themselves and then broke into groups of three for small group networking.

Meeting Adjourned,
Respectfully submitted,
Alison Antenucci,
Recording Secretary

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