CNBA General Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2015
Colts Neck Library

Anna Appolonia called the meeting to order at 8:10 AM and welcomed everyone.

The Pledge of allegiance was led by an officer of the Cols Neck Police Dept.

CNBA officers introduced themselves. (in attendance Anna Appolonia, Sue Fitzpatrick, Greg Calderero, Patty Vollherbst, Mary Barbagallo, Glen Dalakian, Bob Gassaway, Alison Antenucci)

Bob Gassaway made motion to approve April 2015 minutes. Rick Yaeger second. Motion passed.

Mary Barbagallo gave Treasurer’s report – CNBA has $6857.01 in PNC checking, $14, 184.62 in Pay Pal acct, and $2890.66 in Money Market acct. Total $23, 932.29. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Mike Tormey, second by Jamie Stimpson.  Motion passed.  

New businesses in town – Chris Mullaney, CMDS, a marketing firm, grand opening June 4th.
Carrie Cowit, of Jewelry Design Gallery, located at Towne Point Shopping Center, Manalapan, Dr. Rajdeep Randhawa of Innovative Dentistry, Colts Neck, Darren Siriani, of Optimum Support, Matawan, Sara Belon, of New Resource Funding.

Upcoming events are the next card exchanged being held at Down to Earth, on May 28th, from 6-8PM. The July exchange will be held at either Pebble Creek, or possibly the new Huddy’s.  October event will be hosted at Greenhouse Gallery.

Sue explained the new format for the next map, to be out in September.  It will be enlarged with advertising opportunities for Colts Neck businesses at $100 for an ad. On one side will be all of the ads and a calendar of community events, while the second side will have the map of all the businesses, and include a listing of all CNBA members businesses. The deadline for ads is Aug. 1st.

Mike Tormey announced that Sept. 21st is set for the Pig Roast.

Greg explained the progress of the Econ. Development committee and its plan to hire A. Richard Gatto, Ltd. at a cost of $5000 to begin the marketing and branding process. The Executive Committee voted and approved the plan at its last meeting.  Several questions were posed by members as to the actual location of the proposed business district, as well as questions of signage and scale.
Anna called for a vote by a show of hands from the membership. 24 members voted yes.  A motion to approve was made by Mike Tormey, Larry Fitzgerald second. Motion passed.

Patty reviewed the policy pertaining to card exchanges. A membership entitles one person to attend a card exchange.  While it does not necessarily have to be the owner of the business, only one person can attend for free. A member can bring another person but must pay the guest fee.

David explained the added value program in which members put their business card in a hat at each meeting.  Four times a year a drawing is held and the winner receives a check for $500 and the services of several participating businesses.

Mike Tormey reported that there are currently 166 paid members.

Mary Beth Sweeney gave an update on the tailgate event scheduled for Sept. 12 at the CNHS opening football game. There will be sponsorship opportunities for businesses and she should have more details at the next CNBA meeting.

Greg introduced Vito Cardinale of  Cardinale Enterprises. Vito gave a presentation on Manalapan Crossing, which is a project he has developed for the town of Manalapan. He had a slide presentation and gave a detailed overview of the plan.

Greg is continuing to work on developing the concept of shared office space.  

Tom Hennessey announced plans for the Memorial Day parade.

All attendees introduced themselves.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci
Recording Secretary

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