CNBA General Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2015
Colts Neck Library

Anna Appolonia called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Pastor Chris

The two DECA students from CNHS, who are the recipients of this year’s CNBA scholarship, introduced themselves. They are Michael Cappelluti and Amber Mejia. They will be presented with their checks at the CNHS Awards ceremony tomorrow evening.

CNBA officers introduced themselves. (In attendance, Anna Appolonia, Greg Calderero, Patty Volherbst, Alison Antenucci, Glen Dalakian, Bob Gasaway)

Anna read the Mission Statement from the CNBA By Laws.

Bob Gasaway made motion to approve May 2015 minutes.  Mike Tormey second. Motion passed.

Alison Antenucci gave Treasurer’s report – CNBA has $8650.61 in PNC checking, $ 10,101.37 in PayPal account, and $2890.66 in PNC Money Market. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Dino Nicoletti, second by Sheila Reiman Olt.  Motion passed.

There were no new businesses in town this month.

Pastor Chris announced that June 29–July 3 there will be a soccer camp held at Buck’s Mill Recreation Area for children aged 5-13.

Greg gave an update for the Econ. Dev. committee and its meeting with Rich Gatto.
They are moving ahead and beginning to make progress with the marketing and branding plan.

Anna announced upcoming events.  Colts Neck Fair will be held Aug. 20-23. The next card exchange will be held in August at Pebble Creek or the new Huddy’s.  The CNHS Tailgate event is set for Sep. 12. Glen explained that the event will consist of tables sponsored by CNBA businesses, and vendor tables, as well as some free tables which will be run by the students. Darien Barnes, football coach from CNHS also mentioned that he has a full committee, and they are working to get all the info out on social media. He will continue to update us throughout the summer.

Mike announced the Pig Roast will be held on Sep. 21 with a luia theme. Individual tickets can be purchased for $25 and tables of 10 will cost $200. He said CNBA presently has 180 paid members.

Greg attended the meeting with the group running Rockfest. The event, which has expanded to two days will be held on Sep. 19th and 20th.  CN Fire Dept will be involved this year to assist with parking, which will now cost $10.  CNBA will again be funding sales of sweatshirts and T shirts. There will be sponsorship opportunities and well as vendor tables available to purchase.

Patty gave a brief explanation of Added Value and cards were collected for next month’s drawing.

Greg gave an update on Intellispace.  He and Sal have decided to advertise on Craigslist ,offering subscriptions for $199/month and discounted to CNBA members for $159/month.  The space will provide conference rooms, wifi, flat screen TV’s and other amenities appropriate for conducting business.  They will be hosting an open house this Friday, June 12th at 4 p.m.

Each member was invited to speak briefly about their business for the remainder of the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted

Alison Antenucci

Recording Secretary

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