CNBA General Meeting Minutes
July 8, 2015
Colts Neck Library

Anna Apolonia called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Gasaway

CNBA officers introduced themselves. (In attendance, Anna Apolonia, Greg Calderero, Patty Volherbst, Sue Fitzpatrick, David Sokoler (sitting in for Mary Barbagallo) Alison Antenucci, Glen Dalakian, Bob Gasaway)

The CNBA Mission Statement was read by Sue Fitzpatrick.

Mike Tormey made motion to approve June 2015 minutes. Bob Gasaway second. Motion passed.

David Sokoler gave Treasurer's report – CNBA has $9,125.61 in PNC checking, $10,246.12 in Pay Pal account, and $2890.78 in PNC Money Market. Motion to approve Treasurer's report by Bob Gasaway, Second by Dan Fenski, Motion passed.

Randy Ross, of William David Co. a virtual marketing company, introduced herself. Her business is not located in Colts Neck but she intends to join CNBA.
Alison Connor introduced herself. She is replacing Cathy Murray as office mgr. of Investors Bank.

Anna announced upcoming events.
CN Fair will be held Aug. 20-23.
The Aug. 18 card exchange will be held in the new Huddy's from 6-8PM. Sue will be accepting donations for the CN basket for the raffle. EIPA will be in attendance, as in the past.
The Sept. 21 Pig Roast will have a luau theme this year. Mike is taking reservations now.
Greg attended the Rockfest committee meeting and updated with more details.

The map, which is slated to be out in September, still needs advertising spaces to be filled. Forms were distributed to interested members.

David explained Added Value. Vince Deserto was the winner for this quarter.

Lisa gave a brief update on the videos, which were completed recently and will soon be available for viewing. She then gave the most recent progress of the Econ. Dev. committee.
The next meeting will be held at the library on Tues. July 14 at 4:30 PM

Anna asked for anyone interested in speaking on a business topic that would interest members, to see David.

Dee Zander asked about providing a basket or packet for new residents that would contain pertinent information from various departments in town.

Dan Simon, principal of CNHS said they are hoping to start selling advertising around the field. Advertising signs from the past program have all been taken down.
He also said he wants to begin an incentive program for teachers. He would like to have CNBA members contribute either products or discounts on services that he could offer to stand out teachers. Larry Fisher offered to coordinate the program with Dan.

Bob Wiltz spoke about the Clean Highway Program which he and his wife are involved with.
Dee Zander then mentioned the Clean Communities program, which does currently exist in town.
More info will be gotten so that CNBA might appropriate funds to donate to non-profit groups that would perform the actual duties. It was suggested that Elaine Mann be contacted as she is very knowledgeable on the subject.

It will be put on the agenda to discuss at next month's meeting.

Members introduced themselves and then we broke into small groups for the remaining few minutes.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,
Alison Antenucci
Recording Secretary

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