CNBA General Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2015
Colts Neck Library

Anna Appolonia called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tom Hennessey

The Mission Statement was read by Anna.

CNBA officers introduced themselves. In attendance, Anna Appolonia, Greg Calderero, Patty Volherbst, David Sokoler, Glen Dalakian, Alison Antenucci

Bob Gasaway made motion to approve August 2015 minutes. Kieran second, Motion passed.

David Sokoler gave Treasurer’s report – CNBA has $9603.90 in PNC checking, $6105.10 in Pay Pal account and $2,890.93 in money market. Total $18,599. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Dino Nicoletta. Second by Frank Della Donne. Motion passed.

There were no new businesses in town.

Greg announced that he was contacted by Tom Orgo this past weekend inquiring whether something could be put together at the Colts Town Plaza, to coordinate with the scheduled Applefest, being held at Delicious Orchards on September 19 and 20. Some members expressed interest and are going to see if they can get some vendors and possibly a few of the store owners to participate. Because of the short notice there is a possibility it will not occur, and a decision will have to be made by this weekend either way.

Mary Beth Sweeney asked for some help coordinating registration and payments for the upcoming Tailgate Expo which will be taking place at CNHS on October 10 from 10-5 at the homecoming football game. There are still some unanswered questions and she will be contacting Patty Volherbst with info as it becomes available.

Rockfest will be taking place on September 19 and 20, which is the same weekend as Applefest at D.O. Greg has been attending meetings with that committee and met last week at town hall with them to finalize their plans.

The next card exchange is scheduled for October 13 at Trump Golf Club. Patty said that because there will be no meetings taking place before the event it might be too soon and possibly it should be rescheduled. It is also coming fairly soon after the one held at Pebble in late August.

David reminded members to leave a business card which will go toward the next drawing in the Added Value Program.

Greg gave an update on the progress of the Econ. Development committee. He said that the committee has met with the original architect of the master plan which was prepared several years ago. He also stated that the committee is getting ready to make a presentation to the township committee. He will be bringing more info to the membership as it moves ahead.

Anna asked if anyone was interested in running for an office to please contact a board member.

Members introduced themselves and then Patty introduced Dr. Tom Gustafson who gave a talk on his chiropractic practice and changes taking place in the field.

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully submitted

Alison Antenucci
Recording Secretary

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