CNBA General Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2015
Colts Neck Town Hall

Anna Appolonia called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Anthony Abbatello

Anna recognized all veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day and Pastor Chris gave a brief blessing.
He also mentioned that his church is hosting a Veteran’s day dinner tonight and is again putting shoe boxes together for children around the world and asked members to consider participating.

CNBA officers introduced themselves. In attendance, Anna Appolonia, Greg Calderero, Sue Fitzpatrick, Patty Volherbst, Glen Dalakian, Bob Gasaway, Alison Antenucci

John Ciufo, Exec. Director of Econ. Dev. of Mon. County, was present and introduced himself.
He offered to assist with the efforts of our Econ. Dev. committee to move ahead with their plans.

Sue Fitzpatrick read the mission statement.

Dino Nicoletta made motion to approve Oct. 2015 minutes. Carolyn Burtnick second. Motion passed.

Alison Antenucci gave Treasurer’s report. CNBA has $5,621.20 in PNC checking, $6732.63 in Pay Pal account and $2890.88 in money market. Total $15,244.71. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Rich Yeager. Second by Bob Gasaway. Motion passed.

Yessie Sulis introduced herself and announced she has opened a tailor shop in Folio plaza. Jeanne Giordano introduced herself, and mentioned her business JG Designs located in Ocean County.

Anna announced upcoming events: EIPA invitation to their next networking event on Nov. 19, the January card exchange, and our annual luncheon being held at Trump on Tuesday Mar. 15.
She also announced the Dec. meeting will be held at Town Hall for installation of officers and a holiday breakfast.
Window painting will be overseen by Carolyn Burtnick in December and windows in local shops are needed.

Candidates running for office each introduced themselves and gave a brief bio.
Votes were then cast by written ballot. Carolyn Burtnick and Mike Tormey counted the ballots.

Patty Volherbst explained Small Business Saturday, which takes place on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Following Black Friday and prior to Cyber Monday this day is set aside to encourage shoppers to patronize their local small businesses.
Shop and Sip is being held on Thursday Nov. 12 at Mulberry Market with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Ashley Lauren Foundation.

Anna announced that a donation of $500 was voted on by the Exec. Board and will be given to the Friends of the Library to help with the cost of new carpeting throughout the library.

Banners will be available at CNHS this year at a cost of $350/1 year or $500 for 2 years.
All members are invited to participate in the program and it was mentioned that CNBA will be purchasing a 2 year banner.

Business cards were collected for the Added Value program and a winner will be picked next month.

Greg gave an overview of the latest developments of the Econ. Dev. committee. He mentioned that the logo developed by the committee has been well received by the Township Committee and may be used by the town.

Sue asked that members take the new maps and distribute in any local business that they frequent.

Mike Tormey said we currently have 216 memmbers. Dues for 2016 are due now.

Tom Orgo mentioned that the statue of a horse, which is proposed for the new circle at Dutch Lane and Crine Rd. will be funded through private donations. Placques with donors names will be placed around the base of the statue

Mike Tormey announced results of the vote.

Sue Fitzpatrick – President
Greg Calderero & Patty Volherbst – Vice Presidents
Chris Mulvaney – Corresponding Secretary
Alison Antenucci – Recording Secretary
Dino Nicoletta – Treasurer

While Sheila Olt, who was running for Vice President did not win, she was thanked for running and encouraged to stay involved.

Glen gave a brief speech regarding the accomplishments of the current board and thanked all of them for their continued participation and contributions to the CNBA. He also encouraged members to become involved in committees and possible future board seats.

Members introduced themselves.

Meeting adjourned,
Respectfully submitted by

Alison Antenucci
Recording Secretary

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