CNBA General Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2015
Colts Neck Town Hall

Sue Fitzpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:12 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by J.P. Bartolomeo, newly elected to the township committee.

Sue read the mission statement.

Bob Gasaway made motion to approve Nov. 2015 minutes. Dino Nicoletta second. Motion passed.

David Sokoler gave Treasurer’s report. CNBA has $5,174.91 in PNC checking, $7070.38 in PayPal account, and $2890.90 in Money Market. Total $15,136.19. Mike Tormey made motion to approve Treasurer’s report. Jackie Berman second. Motion passed.

Yessie Sulis introduced herself and announced the opening of her tailor chop in Folio plaza.

CNBA officers introduced themselves. In attendance, Sue Fitzpatrick, Greg Calderero, Patty Volherbst, David Sokoler, Alison Antenucci, Glen Dalakian, Bob Gasaway.

Dan Simon spoke about the window painting which took place on Friday Dec. 4. Because there are now so many students who are interested in participating, he said next year possibly up to 10 or 12 windows could be painted, while only 6 were done this year.

Dan also mentioned that the banners have begun to be hung around the field and will continue to be sold for $350/1 year and $500/2years.

He announced some of the accomplishments of the CNHS teams as well as individual students.

Chris Mulvaney will be hosting the next card exchange, at his offices on Monday, January 25th.

The luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15 at Trump National.

David went over Added Value and collected cards for next month’s drawing.

Mike Tormey announced that we currently have 221 members and that members need to renew by the end of January to be included in the next flyer.

Gifford Bowne, a current member, volunteered to call all members who have not renewed to encourage them to do so now.

Greg gave an update on the Econ. Development committee and its continued progress.

Members introduced themselves

Glen spoke briefly about the history of the CNBA and how much it has grown. He encouraged members to volunteer to work committees and/or run for office in the future in order to become more involved in the decision making process.   He then introduced the newly elected members of the board and formally installed them.

The new board members are:

Sue Firzpatrick – President

Patty Volherbst - Vice President

Greg Calderero - Vice President

Chris Mulvaney – Corresponding Secretary

Alison Anatenucci – Recording Secretary

Dino Nicoletta – Treasurer

Glen Dalakian and Bob Gasaway will continue as lifetime advisors,

Anna Appolonia, as ex President will remain on the board as an advisor.


Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted by

Alison Antenucci

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