CNBA General Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2016
Colts Neck Library

Sue Fitzpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:10 am.

A sign-up sheet was sent around for anyone whose name may not be listed.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Anna Appolonia

Sue presented Anna with flowers and thank you card for her time as president for the past two years.

CNBA officers introduced themselves. In attendance, Sue Fitzpatrick, Patty Vollherbst, Dino Nicoletta, Chris Mulvaney, Glen Dalakian, Bob Gasaway, Art Becker, Anna Appolonia, Alison Antenucci

Bob Gasaway made motion to approve Dec. 2015 minutes. Rich Yaeger second. Motion passed.

Dino Nicoletta gave Treasurer’s report. CNBA has $4674.91 in PNC checking, $8635.06 in Pay Pal account and $2890.93 in money market. Total $16,200.90. Mike Tormey made motion to approve Treasurer’s report. Lisa Aldridge second. Motion passed.

There were no new businesses in town this month.

Upcoming events were announced. The January card exchange will be sponsored by Chris Mulvaney from CMDS at his office on Mon. Jan. 25th from 6-8:30 pm

The luncheon will be taking place at Trump Golf Club on March 15th from 11:30 – 3 pm.

Alison Antenucci is chairing the committee for the luncheon and asked for volunteers to assist.

Presently Steve Porzio will be handling the vendor tables, Jackie Berman and Sheila Old will work on gift baskets and members are asked to contact any member of the committee if they are going to participate in the swag bags.

Dan Simon offered the services of the Deca students to help put together the swag bags.

Committee Reports:

Anna – Heading up a new committee to reach out to local businesses in hopes of bringing new members in and getting them involved.

Lisa – Econ, Development – Mentioned that the committee was formed with the intention of

re-engaging local businesses and is moving forward with many plans in the works.

Sue – Next mailer will be out at the end of February but only paid members will be included.

Membership – Mike said there are currently 58 paid members.

Tech – Patty said tickets can be purchased on the website for the luncheon.

Education – David was not present but as always, we are looking for speakers with topics of interest to the whole membership.

Glen reminded the members of what a great opportunity the luncheon provides for networking and exposure of one’s business. He thanked past committee members for putting together such successful events in prior years. He also encouraged members to consider getting involved with either this committee or some of the others as they provide a great opportunity to become more involved.

He introduced John Ciufo, Exec. Director of Monmouth County Econ. Dev.who spoke briefly about the “Grow Monmouth” program.

Members introduced themselves and then broke into groups for speed networking.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted by,

Alison Antenucci

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