CNBA General Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2016

Colts Neck Library

Sue Fitzpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Gassaway.

Bob Gassaway made motion to approve Jan. 2016 minutes, Anna Appolonia second. Motion passed.

Dino Nicoletta gave Treasurer,s report. CNBA has $6193.97 in PNC checking, $10,539.25 in Pay Pal account, and $2890.95 in Money Market account. Total $19,624.17. Lisa Aldridge made motion to approve Treasurer’s report. Mike Tormey second. Motion passed.

While there are no new businesses to report, Huddy’s is schedule to open their new facility tomorrow.

Sue spoke about the initiative to bring the fireworks back to Buck Mill Park this 4th of July. She invited Tom Hennessey, director of the Recreation Dept. to speak.   He said there would need to be volunteers, a police officer present, and members of the Fire Dept. to give support. The Lion’s club would be asked to participate, possibly to sell glow sticks, as they had done in the past. The Colts Neck Band would also be invited to play at the event. At this point, the floor was opened for discussion. Lisa Aldridge asked why the event had been discontinued and Tom said it had become too costly during the last recession. After further discussion, Sue asked if the recreation department could handle the coordination and Tom agreed his department could run the event. Sue offered to head up a committee to assist. Several members offered to work with Sue on the committee. Glen Dalakian made a motion to approptiate $5000 to underwrite the event. A vote was taken and 26 members approved. Motion passed.

Sue gave a brief update on the luncheon and mentioned purchasing tickets, as well as vendor tables or swag bag items.

Mike Tormey reported that membership is 126 and today is the last day to be in the next mailer.

Greg spoke about the progress of the Econ. Dev. committee. He explained the work of the three committees and presented a mock up of the sign that was developed by the committee. A discussion by the membership took place and some members thought the sign did not convey the message we are trying to achieve. Suggestions were leaning toward the wording and fonts being tweaked before a final design is approved.

Greg made a motion to approve $2000 to underwrite the deposit for 4 signs. A vote was taken and 24 members approved. Motion passed.

Sue asked members to consider speaking at a future meeting, on a topic that would be of interest to the general membership.

Members and the board introduced themselves.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted by

Alison Antenucci

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