CNBA General Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2016

Colts Neck Library

Sue Fitzpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:10 am

The Pledge of allegiance was led by Tom Hennessey. Officers introduced themselves.

Kat Verdi made motion to approve April 2016 minutes. Michael Viola second. Motion passed.

Dino Nicoletta gave the Treasurer’s report. CNBA has $$21,264.24 in PNC checking, $2891.02 in PNC Money Market and $1424.64 in Pay Pal account. Total 25,579.90. Michael Viola made motion to

approve Treasuer’s report. Dan Fenski second. Motion passed.

There were no announcements of new businesses in town.

Sue announced the upcoming card exchange to be held Tuesday May 17 from 6-8 pm at Windsor Gallery sponsored by Dan Fenski and Anna Appolonia.

She gave an update on the plans for the July 3 Fireworks at Bucks Mill Park from 6-10 pm. She mentioned that the Lions Club, Delicious Orchards, the Girl Scouts, CNBA and Weezers will be selling food items and Weezers will be donating 10% of their profit back to us. Sponsorships will be available, possibly $500 per sponsor and offering to display a banner from the stage. Parking, lighting and other details are being handled by various groups in town. Promotion will be handled on several fronts including websites, magazines, mailers, and signage.

CNBA has been invited to join EIPA for a Day at the Races on Aug. 26th .

Committee reports were as follows:

Anna is continuing to speak with local businesses through her outreach efforts. She has prepared a survey to distribute to the area businesses but will present it to the Exec. Board prior to implementing it.

Greg said that while the commercial district is still under study for possible development, the Econ. Dev. committee has yielded to the more urgent issues of our COAH responsibilities. He said after some of these questions have been resolved they will resume their previous endeavors.

Mike Tormey reported membership is at 161 and should continue to rise after the next mailer and map are distributed.

Patty asked that members check the website for accuracy of their information because that is where the information for the mailer and map comes from.

Greg spoke about the 10 students from DECA that recently went to the nationals in Tennessee. Dan Simon announced that one of their students finished in the top 10 nationally. Dan also gave information regarding the scholarship awards ceremony which will be held on June 14 in the school. CNBA is again awarding to two $1000 scholarships.

CNBA will participate in the Memorial Day parade which will commence from Town Hall at 10:30 am on Monday May 30th. We will hand out balloons as we have done in past years.

Sue spoke about the plans to refurbish the red building on Rt. 34 that was the prior vegetable stand of Smith Farm. The Lion’s Club would like to undertake the project and Sue thought Dave Feldman should be enlisted to help with ideas.

Glen said Bob Gasaway is doing better and has been out around town and driving.

Glen has been approached by Lillian Burry, of the Architectural Review Board. She asked if CNBA would consider appropriating the funds for the awards which the committee has given out in the past for architectural excellence. They have not been funded by the town in recent years but would like to resume the awards and asked for our help. There was a discussion of whether the awards should go to commercial buildings only or should residential homes be considered too. One member thought they might create hard feelings by those not chosen, while others thought they would promote good will. Further discussion will take place by the Exec. Board at its June meeting.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci

Recording Secretary

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