CNBA General Meetig Minutes

September 15, 2016

Colts Neck Library

Sue Fitzpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Gasaway.

Sue made motion to approve minutes from August 2016. The minutes had not been posted to the website so no approval was made.

Dino gave the Treasurer’s report. We have $14,022.57 in PNC checking, $2891.12 in PNC money market account, $1995.80 in Pay Pal account. Total is $18,909.80 Bob Gasaway made motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, Mike Tormey second. Motion passed.

Greg gave a brief update on the COAH progress which is being handled by the township.

Lisa Aldridge is working on efforts to revitalize the business district and looking into options based on what is on the master plan.

Chris Mulvaney has the design ready for the signs and as soon as the proper letters are signed they will be ordered and installed.

Alison reported that she spoke with the code official in town regarding the Leventher property.

Currently there are approximately 16 violations at the site and the landlord has been addressing them. Mr. Galinski did say that as long as things are being addressed, the town does not expect everything to be corrected at once.

Sue said the new map was finished and handed out at Applefest last weekend. There were 29 ads taken by local businesses.

Mike Tormey said membership is up to 187. The Pig Roast will take place next Tuesday Sep. 20 and about 125 tickets have been sold up to now. Mike asked that Anna and Dud Hager receive an honorable mention during the evening, as they have donated flowers for the event each year since its inception.

Patty was unable to secure a speaker for this month’s meeting but has 2 speakers interested for the upcoming meetings.

Rockfest will take place this weekend beginning with a bonfire Friday night and performance by several bands, and continue on Saturday from noon – 11 p.m. Sponsors may purchase a spot for their banner at $100. This is the 9th year the festival has taken place. CNBA has donated $500 to the event and will have their name on the tee shirts.

Huddy’s will be hosting the next card exchange on Oct. 18th. We will be inviting EIPA and the Monmouth Chamber of Commerce to join us.

Because the nominating committee will be putting together a slate of officers for next month’s meeting, Sue asked each member of the board to read their duties from the By Laws so members would know what the position entails. Sue also encouraged the membership to get more involved by possibly joining a committee. A committee sign-up sheet was passed around.

Glen commented that holding office is a great opportunity to get more involved with CNBA and have a say in the direction the organization takes. He also said the team is currently well coordinated and continues to work on improvements in the community.

Sue announced that the executive board had decided to take on the cost of replacing the library sign. It is in very poor condition and Dino is getting a quote for the work.

Members introduced themselves and gave a brief explanation and current news about their businesses.

It was mentioned that the location of the former Christopher’s Café may soon be opening as a restaurant. Apparently the EPA has given approval for the project to move forward.

Sue announced the next meeting will take place at town hall since the annual art show will be underway at the library. She also thanked Perkins for providing the coffee and muffins.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci

Recording Secretary

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