General Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2017

Colts Neck Library

In attendance: Sue Fitzpatrick, Greg Calderaro, Patty Vollherbst, Dino Nicoletta, Sheila Olt, Anna Appolonia, Bob Gasaway, Glen Dalakian, Alison Antenucci

Sue called the meeting to order at 8:18 am. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the veterans in attendance.

Sue thanked Perkins for providing the coffee and muffins each month and to Bob Gasaway for picking them up.

Bob Gasaway made motion to approve the minutes. Rich Yaeger second. Motion approved.

Dino gave the Treasurer’s report. CNBA has $7558.55 in Investors Bank, $728.98 in PNC checking, $2892.05 in PNC Money Market and $751.17 in Pay Pal account. Total $11,930.75.

Bob Gasaway made motion to approve Treasurer’s report. Rich Yaeger second. Motion approved

Sue mentioned that while our funds have been somewhat diminished in recent months, we continue to support many local charities and other organizations in town with monetary donations. In recent months we have also been providing some funds to support the “Shop Colts Neck” ad campaign in the Journal magazine.

Dino announced that the Crossroads signs have been installed in two locations, that being Beckers Hardware and A.J. Garrito’s property. Art Becker commented that he thought the signs were too small and not easily legible from the street. It was suggested that if further signs are purchased in the future they should be larger.

Sue announced that the card exchange which was held at DeFalco’s new facility was very well attended and a big success. She also mentioned that there are five new busineses in town.

Patty said she is purchasing a new program for $400 which will help facilitate information being put on the website and aid members in adding or editing their own info.

Sue said that due to the success of the mug program we are considering offering a set of four mugs, possibly as a limited edition.

Michal DiMiceli from the Journal spoke about the ongoing ad campaign they are running, which features ads from 8 – 12 Colts Neck businesses and are featured in all of their editions, with circulation of approximately 35,00 homes.

Glenn further explained that the program was started in order to give exposure to our businesses to other towns throughout the county. He mentioned that while the program was subsidized by CNBA for the past 3 months, at a cost of $1500 per month, the Executive Board has voted to continue the subsidy but reduce it to $1000 per month. He said many of the businesses felt that the ads had been successful with increased interest and foot traffic. David Sokoler, from Merandex asked if there was data to support that statement. Glen said Mulberry Market had 10 customers with coupons from her ad, and that other businesses had seen more customers from out of the area. At the conclusion of the discussion a motion was made by Kieran McGarry to continue subsidizing the ads for 3 more months. A vote was taken from the membership and approved with one abstention.

Sue announced that the map is out. She said that we have had a kiosk which recently had been in D.O. but will be moving to Rich Yaeger’s office at United Counties Insurance.   We sent around a sign up sheet for future locations for the kiosk.

Sue said that the holiday window painting will be held on Friday Dec. 1 and sent around a sign up sheet for businesses interested in participating in the event. Last year we had 9 businesses whose windows were painted, and we are hoping for at least as many this year.

Kymberly said our membership is currently 209.

March 21st is the date for the annual luncheon which will again be held at Trump.

Next month’s meeting will be held at Town Hall and will consist of a brief meeting and installation of the new board followed by a holiday celebration.

Officers introduced themselves, followed by introductions of members many of whom gave a brief overview of their businesses or upcoming events.

Patty introduced Ted Friedl from Excel Travel.

At the conclusion of the meeting Alison and Patty announced the results of the election.

Glen Dalakian – Pres.

Dino Nicoletta – V.P.

Sheila Olt – V.P.

Oliver Guminski – Treasurer

Nick Deckmejian – Corresponding Secretary

Leanne Lucarelli – Recording Secretary

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci

Recording Secretary

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