General Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2017

Colts Neck Town Hall

In attendance: Sue Fitzpatrick, Greg Calderaro, Patty Vollherbst, Dino Nicoletta, Sheila Olt, Bob Gasaway, Glen Dalakian, Alison Antenucci

Sue called the meeting to order at 8:10 am and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sue mentioned that the minutes are posted on the website. Bob Gasaway made motion to approve the minutes. Dan Fenski second. Motion approved.

Dino gave the Treasurer’s report. CNBA has $3282.74 in Investors bank, $728.98 in PNC checking, $2892.29 in PNC Money Market, and $992.72 in Pay Pal account. Total $7896.73.

Rich Yaeger made motion to approve the report. Leanne Lucarelli second. Motion approved.

Because this year’s vote for President was separated by a single vote, Sue suggested we amend our By Laws to address this question should it arise in the future. She offered two options. Either follow Roberts Rules, which requires balloting to continue until the tie is broken or have the Executive Board do the second balloting in secret and abide by those results. Another option was offered by a member. They suggested we allow each candidate to speak for 5 minutes and then members would vote again. At that point if the tie continues the Board would be required to break the tie with a secret ballot. These options were voted on and the third option was chose by 13 votes.

Glen suggested we develop a succession plan should the sitting President ever become unable to perform their duties. We currently have two vice Presidents but neither is designated as the first or second VP. He said that at next month’s Exec. Board meeting this will be rectified and we will then have a first and second VP who could step in if needed.

Sue reported that the window painting was completed in early December, with 12 businesses participating. The CNHS students take on this project each year and after a panel of judges select the top three windows, prizes are awarded at a breakfast in January held at the high school with the students.

Sue thanked Patty and Alison for their years on the board. She said Alison will be co-chairing the luncheon with her this March and Patty will continue to oversee the website. Anna gave a very nice speech enumerating Sue’s many contributions and accomplishments during her tenure as President. She also mentioned that through much hard work and effort Sue was able to get the fireworks back to town. Sue was presented a plaque and flowers for her years of service. Anna announced that Sue will remain on the Exec. Board as the most recent past president. Glen said that he invited Greg to remain on the board as another advisor and thanked him for his past support and contribution. The full advisory board will consist of Sue Fitzptrick, Anna Appolonia, Bob Gasaway and Greg Calderaro.

Anna conducted the installation of the new officers, by inviting them to come forward and take the oath to serve in the capacity for which they were elected.

After the installation was complete and photos taken we adjourned the meeting and enjoyed a breakfast with the members.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci

Recording Secretary

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