The Membership committee is lead by the appointed Committee who reports to the Executives of the CNBA. The committees goals include; 1) The addition of new members, 2) Maintenance of the Membership List, 3) Encouragement of existing Members, 4) Incentify Members to renew annually, etc. The following is a list of some of the responsibilities the Membership Committee will undertake:

1) Seek out New Members to increase the CNBA Roster

2) Visit all businesses throughout town to introduce them to the CNBA or encourage them in their involvement with the organization.

3) Promote upcoming events as may be requested by the Event Committee Chair. It is the responsibility of all CNBA Members to motivate others to participate in or otherwise support CNBA events that may occur from time to time.

4) Update the current membership List to maintain accurate records on Members.

5) Provide ideas and suggestions to the Executives to increase public awareness of the CNBA, their Member Businesses and events.

Committee Members
Michael Tormey

Carolyn Burtnick

Al Knipfing

David Sokoler

Janice Rizzo

Jill Valentino

Monica Vermeulen

Patty Vollherbst

Rich Yaeger

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Meetings Held at the Colts Neck Library

126 Cedar Drive * Colts Neck NJ * 07722

8 - 9 am  2nd Wednesday of the month