April 2021 General Meeting Minutes

CNBA General Meeting Notes

April 14, 2021

Zoom Call

IN ATTENDANCE:Dino Nicoletta, Leanne Lucarelli, John Luongo, Liz Dritsas, Greg Calderaro, Kymberly Mate, Lauren Papaleo, Sue Fitzpatrick, Anna Appolonia, Glen Dalakian

8:05: Dino opened the meeting

Treasures Report (John Luongo) as of March 10, 2021

Date                                       4/7/2021                              Deposits in Transit

Paypal Balance                   $    1,061.50                         $                                  –

Investors Checking                  24,333.88                                                          –

Investors Money Market      16,618.11                                                              –

Deposit in Transit                 (5,050.00)                                                           –

___________                      ________________

Total Book Balance            $ 36,963.49                  $                                  –



Payee                                                 Check #         Date               Amount

5 Grant Checks Issued                                                                $   5,000.00

Neves Jewelers                               1239               1/20/2021    $   50.00


$ 5,050.00

Liz Dritsas and John Luongo approved March’s meeting notes. Glen Dalakian and Daniel Cardellichio approved the Treasurer’s Report. Grants: The 5 checks have been mailed to the recipients.

Colts Neck Sport Foundation’s Baseball Opening Day (4/10) was very well attended. Sue, Glen and Dino attended. They distributed information about CNBA.

Jim Schatzle spoke to the membership about the CNPTO Golf outing. The CNPTO was represented by Justine Buzzetta. The scheduled date for the outing is June 7th. Sponsorships needed for that event. This event is a major fundraiser for our schools. Jim also discussed the roll out of the Covid 19 vaccine to all residents 55 and older. Please register through Mayor’s office. Colts Neck Pharmacy will also be registering residents. The age criteria for obtaining the vaccine will decrease very soon.


Card Exchange – 5/28 at Pebble Creek Golf Club. Free to members. $20 Fee to non-members. 5:30-7:30pm

Fireworks: 7/2 Event opens at 6:00pm. Looking for additional sponsors. Lucy Del Monte, branch manager, Manasquan Bank will sponsor. Vendor Tables are available @ $200 per table. Delicious Orchards will also sponsor and donate
donuts to give away.

Polo: 9/12 at Bucks Mill Park. Huddy’s and D.O. have committed as team sponsors again this year. Manasquan Bank will also sponsor again this year. Economic Development Committee (EDC). Glen Dalakian updated CNBA
membership. The committee is reviewing the CNBA business brochure. They are also preparing in conjunction with CN Township a survey to be sent to residents to request information on what type of businesses the residents would like to see in town.

Chairman Glen Dalakian updated all on the committee’s progress. They will meet with Township officials to share ideas. Their goal is to evaluate needs and wants of the Business district in town. Township will be commissioning a survey to residents to assess what businesses residents would prefer to see in town.

Sue Fitzpatrick (Committeewoman Township Liaison) reported on the following:

Baseball Opening Day was a huge success.
CNSF would like to partner with CNBA for Earth Day @ Schlessinger Park.
Firehouse will not be providing hot dogs and beer after the Memorial Day Parade.
Township Committee waived the fee for the Mercantile License but businesses are still required to acquire their 2021 Mercantile License which can be done online, www.coltsneck.org.
Township Committee Meeting tonight (4/14) @ 7:30pm.
New Township Website will be more user-friendly. Most likely available by the Fall of 2021.

Brush and Leaf pick has begun. Do not mix leaves and brush, separate piles.
Negotiations between Toll Brothers and the Township continue.
State approved grant for Parks and Recreation

Glen Dalakian introduced Speaker: Assemblyman, Jerry Scharfenberger, PhD Mr. Scarfenberger discussed State Government Covid 19 Mandates and how difficult and burdensome they have become on residents and business owners
of NJ. He also discussed the marijuana legislation which he would like to reform. He introduced a bill dedicated to election integrity. He mentioned that Passport Vaccine documentation violates HIPPA Rules. Sue agreed. He also discussed the new legislation called The Reproductive Rights Act which he would also like to

Mayor Michael Viola stated that no guidance has been provided by Governor’s office as to when we can open up in CN.

Dino asked who was comfortable meeting outside. Many members said they were. Sue to follow up to see if we can meet at Huddy’s out-door area possibly for our next meeting.

Dino closed the meeting at 9:03 am

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