December 9, 2020
Zoom Conference Call

IN ATTENDANCE: Dino Nicoletta, Vito Viola, John Luongo, Tara Buss, Glen Delakian, Gregory Calderaro, Anna Appolonia, Leanne Luccarelli, Kymberly Mate, Sue Fitzpatrick, JP Bartolomeo- Township Committee Liaison
• Good morning. Pledge of Allegiance
• Dino introduced the officers on the call
• A motion to approve the November minutes. 1st Richard Yaeger, 2nd Glen Delakian

• Treasurer’s report: As of December 9, 2020
Investor’s Bank Checking: $ 21,154.27
Investor’s Money Market: $ 16,615.35
Outstanding Checks $ 524.66
Deposits in Transfer $ –
PayPal: $ –
TOTAL: $ 37,244.96
o Outstanding check 1223 to the Polo Club for $5,000 was presented to the account on Nov 12th
• A motion to approve the December Treasurer’s Report 1st Greg Calderaro, 2nd Jim Goetz
• Dino gave a big “Thank you” to JP Bartolomeo from Township Committee for his work as liaison to the CNBA for the past 2 years; Tara Buss for her work at recording secretary who is leaving to begin her role on Township Committee; and to Isabella Furmato & Kymberly Mate (from CSAV) for all the ways they have supported the CNBA.
• The CNBA donated $300 to each- the Fir Farm for Trees for the military and CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children in Monmouth County.
• Update from JP Bartolomeo: Happy holidays to everyone no matter what you celebrate- enjoy and be safe. It was a great weekend with the drive through tree lighting on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 4pm. There were over 150 cars that made their way through the event at Town Hall. Guest were greeted by Julie Richards and her pony dressed in holiday attire. It was a great, safe event. The Township Reorganization may be remote. As of right now it is scheduled for January 2, 2021 at the Conover Road Primary School at 4pm. We are wrapping up the cleanliness of town- leaf and brush collection is ending. Car thefts are heavy in Monmouth county and state overall. A lot of underage kids- they walk door to door to see if cars are unlocked. We need to pass the word along to our friends and neighbors to make sure people lock their cars and homes! And last but definitely not least, Dennis Blazak is retiring from the Naval Base. We have been grateful for his service to the base and the community! We will certainly miss Dennis and his great energy/humor at our meetings. Lastly- If you ever have any questions or concerns about the town, please reach out to anyone on the township committee!
• Dennis Blazak made a few statements- Community Plans and Liaison Officer at Naval Weapons Station Earle. Captain Callahan will be the new liaison. He is truly appreciative of the wonderful partnership that has been forged and knows that Captain Callahan will continue the mission. Thank you again for your service.
• Election of Officers 1st Gregory Calderaro, 2nd Dino Nicoletta
• Slate of Officers- Read by Anna Appolonia: See statements below…
o Installation of Officers: I am pleased to have the honor to install the new officers of the Colts Neck Business Association for 2021. Officers, I will now call each of you by name, and briefly describe the responsibilities of your office.
o John Luongo You have been elected Treasurer. As Treasurer, your duties shall include managing the funds of the CNBA); keeping accurate records, submitting a monthly report to the Board and the general membership, ensuring that CNBA’s financial information is summarized at the end of the calendar year in a format that can be used to prepare required state or federal required tax filings and shall ensure that any Federal, state or local tax returns the CNBA is required to file shall be timely filed and shall be authorized to engage an outside accounting firm
o Jim Goetz You have been elected Corresponding Secretary. As Corresponding Secretary, your duties shall include: keeping a role of members and addresses; composing all communications and correspondence from the Board and fill in for the Recording Secretary as need may arise.
o Liz Dritsas You have been elected Recording Secretary: As Recording Secretary, your duties shall include: preparing complete accurate minutes of all Board meetings; ensuring that meeting minutes are posted to the CNBA website for member review at least one week prior to the next meeting; and maintaining an attendance record at meetings.
o Leanne Lucarelli You have been elected Vice President, Events: As Vice President, your duties shall include acting in lieu of the President in the President’s absence, performing specific duties related to the management of the CNBA’s objectives, and being responsible for coordinating the chairs of the organization’s events to facilitate the success of each event.
o Vito Viola You have been elected Vice President, Public Relations. As Vice President, your duties shall include acting in lieu of the President in the President’s absence; and performing specific duties related to the management of the CNBA’s objectives, and being responsible for all CNBA press releases and public relations in coordination with the Vice President and chairs of CNBA Events.
o Dino Nicoletta You have been elected President. As President, your duties shall include: presiding at membership and board meetings; ensuring that all committees fulfill their responsibilities, plan and organize the work of the Board; preparing an operating budget; planning development for ongoing Board leadership; ensuring an annual report, including a fiscal report of the State of the CNBA, is presented at the annual meeting;
o OATH Now, if you all will raise your right hands and respond “I do” Do you solemnly swear to uphold the mission of the CNBA and its vision? Do you swear to fulfill the responsibilities of your office to the best of your ability? Do you also promise to work together as a board, graciously, joyously and with respect for each other?
o With acceptance of the oath, in accordance with the Bylaws, these members have been elected and are hereby installed as the Colts Neck Business Association Executive Board for 2021.
o It is only right and fitting that we, as members of the CNBA, pledge our full support to these new Officers in every way to accomplish the purpose of our association as outlined in our Mission and our by-laws.
o “Do you, as members of the Colts Neck Business Association, pledge your full support to our new Officers in the fulfilment of their official responsibilities?” If so, answer, “I do.
o To the Membership: Thank you.
o To the New Board: Please accept my wholehearted congratulations to each of you. May your term of office be one of deep satisfaction and provide you with the knowledge of a job well done.
o Back to the President to conclude the meeting.
• Presentation on Bucks Mill Park Trail Restoration: The Polo Event raised awareness of the parks and equestrian needs in town. Lisa Singer-Fitzpatrick, Ronnie Sullivan, Julie Richards from the Trail riders club in town spoke on the plans. Lisa played in the tournament. Julie participated with her miniature pony in the tree lighting greeting guests as they entered. A PowerPoint was presented to show where the money from the Polo Event is going. For more information, to volunteer, or donate, please reach out to Sue Fitzpatrick,

• None at this time

• No events currently scheduled
• Check back to the website for changes
• Next meeting January, 13, 2021 8am

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