2020 February General Meeting Minutes


February 11, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  Dino Nicoletta, Vito Viola, Tara Buss, Glen Delakian, Alfonso Saverino, Anna Appolonia, Oliver Guminski, Kymberly Mate, Leanne Lucarelli, Sue Fitzpatrick, Michael Viola (in for JP Bartolomeo Township Committee Liaison)


  • Dino thanked Michael Viola and asked him to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Dino introduced the officers
  • Thank you to the Colts Neck Eatery for the breakfast & coffee
  • A motion to approve the January Minutes 1st Allison Antenucci, 2nd Lucy Delmonte
  • Treasurer’s report: As of January 31, 2020

Investors Bank Checking:                   $2,720.25

Investor’s Money Market:                   $5,611.23

PayPal:                                                       $144.75

TOTAL:                          $8,476.23

  • A motion to approve the Treasurers Report 1st Art Raskin and 2nd Sue Fitzpatrick
  • A big happy birthday to our President Dino Nicoletta! We wish you well!
  • 1/21/20 Card exchange- 53 people attended, Thank you to Holistic Healing Center for hosting.
  • April 21st card exchange will be at the Colts Neck Stillhouse.
  • Glen Delakian explained that the Township Committee is currently reviewing the Township Sign Ordinance- He is encouraging all businesses to review the existing ordinance and provide feedback. If interested, please reach out to Glen Delakian- glenjd@csavsystems.com
  • New Businesses in town- Stem cell business; Cigar shop- Perfect Ash
    • Jimmy Benninato- Perfect Ash- M-W 9am-9pm. Weekends until 10-11pm. Ribbon Cutting, Saturday April 4th at 10am
    • Michael- Colts Neck Stem Cells, open 11-3 on Saturdays for treatments. Open throughout the week for talks and consults
  • Membership– make sure to renew membership for 2020. We currently have 201 members. Thank you Kymberly for the update. Memberships can be renewed on the website. Automatic renewals are now available.
  • 12th Annual Luncheon. 3/24 at Trump National Golf Course- Alison Antenucci (chair) reported on event.
    • This year we will honor Tom Orgo, former mayor, longtime resident, and quintessential Colts Neckian.
    • Donations: We are asking for donations from any and all businesses for the gift basket raffles. Please reach out to Alison – Alison@burnsbrothers.net, regarding donations.  Baskets don’t necessarily need to be wrapped- we can wrap them for you!  Think Big!
    • Ad Journal- Please see Vito Viola – vv327@aol.com- for advertising opportunities in the luncheon journal, vendor tables, and sponsorships. Vendor 8ft Tables are $200 for members $250 for non-members (definitely worth joining the CNBA for $50!). Ads can be full page or half page PDF documents. Payments must be made by March 1st to be in the journal.
    • Looking for volunteers to help at the event and donations for a gift basket auction.
    • Tickets sell out quickly, so purchase as soon as possible to ensure you will be able to attend one of our best attended events of the year.
    • Website- Tickets can be purchased on-line (you can put a list of names for your table in the notes section. If you write a check, make sure you have a list of people/names in the notes section
  • Welcome Committee- We will be visiting new businesses in town. Grab bags are provided to all new businesses. If you want to add to the grab bag that is provided to new businesses, reach out to Anna Appolonia- annaappolonia@gmail.com
  • Update from Michael Viola:
    • Welcome to Sgt. Savage from the CN Police Department and Welcome to the Colonel, from the Association of the United States Army, Monmouth Chapter.
    • The meeting for the new municipal building was successfully held on 1/29/2020. All information is on the town’s webpage- slides, FAQ, and a walkthrough.  Finance- For every $800,000 valued home, there will be a $40-80 per year increase in taxes.  Police, meeting space room (township, zoning, planning, court, administration, accounting clerk, fire marshal will all be moving to new building slated for a 2022 completion.  Police going to first aid building temporarily.  Court staff is going to DPW temporarily (Court will be held at Freehold Boro’s Court house).  The discussion for the building started in 2015. 7 million for building, 5 million soft costs are the estimated costs. Michael, along with all the committee members, are available to answer any questions you may have.  Communication is key with the committee and they want to make sure information is not misinterpreted.
    • Final Paving question asked for the 537/34 intersection. Adjustments need to be made first regarding the curbing near the entrance and exit of Delicious Orchards.  Then a final paving will be done this Spring.  Most likely by April.
  • Introduction of Members…and a thank you to Sgt. Morgan Savage from Colts Neck Police Department for attending and all the department’s support.
  • Guest Speaker: Alfonso Saverino, CPA, Partner, Real Estate, Taxes and Investments.


  • Membership: End of 2019 we had 244 members. As of current we are at 201 members. Memberships can be renewed on the website.  Automatic renewals are now available.
  • New Businesses in town- Stem cell business; Cigar shop- Perfect Ash; Knitting store; Louis Critelli Real Estate and Concierge
  • Welcome Committee- Will be visiting new businesses. If you want to add to the grab bag that is provided to new businesses, reach out to Anna Appolonia- annaappolonia@gmail.com


  • 2/16 – 8-10am The Association of the United States Army, Monmouth Chapter Pancake Fundraiser Breakfast at Applebees, 14 Park Road, Tinton Falls
  • 3/13 and 3/14 is the Friends of the Library Book sale at the Library
  • March 24th – 11:30pm- 2pm Trump National Luncheon.
  • April 21st – 6:30pm Card Exchange at the Colts Neck Stillhouse
  • July 3rd — Fireworks
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