March 2021 General Meeting Minutes

CNBA General Meeting Notes

March 10, 2021

Zoom Call

IN ATTENDANCE: Dino Nicolette, Leanne Lucarelli, Sue Fitzpatrick, John Luongo, Liz Dritsas, Lauren Papaleo, Kymberly Mate, Greg Calderaro, Glen Dalakian, Anna Appolonia, Vito Viola

8:05: Dino opened the meeting with the introduction of all officers followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dan Cardellichio and Lauren Papaleo approved last month’s meeting notes.

Treasures Report (John Luongo) as of March 10, 2021

Date                                       3/3/2021                              Deposits in Transit

Paypal Balance                   $    1,013.25                         $                                  –

Investors Checking                  24,894.01                                                            –

Investors Money Market      16,617.40                                                            –

Deposit in Transit                           –                                                                       –

___________                      ________________

Total Book Balance            $ 42,423.54                          $                                  –



Payee                                                 Check #         Date               Amount

Veronica Sullivan                            1238               1/20/2021    $   51.12

Neves Jewelers                               1239               1/20/2021    $   50.00


$ 101.12

The Grant Applicants will receive checks sometime this month.


April 28th – CNBA CARD EXCHANGE @ Pebble Creek Golf – $20 to guests, free to all members.

July 2nd – Fireworks 6pm – Free to all.

Sept 12th – Polo @ Bucks Mill. Tickets will be available on website.

EDC (Economic Development Committee)

Chairman Glen Dalakian updated all on the committee’s progress. They will meet with Township officials to share ideas. Their goal is to evaluate needs and wants of the Business district in town. Township will be commissioning a survey to residents to assess what businesses residents would prefer to see in town.

Township Liaison

Committeewoman Sue Fitzpatrick updated us. Bids went out for the construction of new township building. Township is updating its website. Farmland Preservation is actively pursuing its goal to preserve more farmland in town. The windows at Montrose School are being updated in part to the donations by The Historic Society. Township Municipal continues to be closed to the public. A tree will be donated at the intersection of Rt 34 and Rt. 537 for beautification of the north east corner.  Marijuana ordinance is being challenged by non-residents who want a dispensary in Colts Neck. Sue invited members to attend the Township Committee ZOOM meeting tonight at 7:30pm. ZOOM link can be found on the Township website,

Dino introduced our speaker Frank Soma. Mr Soma is an author/ motivational speaker/consultant focused on creating rapport for the purpose of successful communication in sales. He wrote a book called B2B but really P2P. He mentioned People BUY People and discussed how to get your message heard…first create rapport…be a good listener…create trust which leads to likability. The biggest mistake sales people make is not being authentic, trying too hard and going too fast. Ask questions and listen.

8:40: Dino closed the meeting.

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