September 2021 General Meeting Minutes

CNBA General Meeting

Colts Neck Library

September 8, 2021 8:00am

In Attendance: Dino Nicoletta, Greg Calderaro, John Luongo, Lauren Papaleo, Sue Fitzpatrick, Glen Dalakian, Anna Appolonia, Liz Dritsas

Dino opened the meeting at 8:14 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mark Emmerson and Rich Yaeger approved last month’s meeting notes.


Date:                                       8/8/2021           Deposits in Transit

PayPal Balance                      $ 1,398.27            $

Investors Checking                40,711.35                

Investors Money Market     16,620.89               —

Deposits in Transit                         —                  

Outstanding Checks              (5,169.41)             

Total Book Balance                $ 53,561.10          $ –

__________ ________________

Outstanding Checks

PAYEE                               Check #                  Amount


Garden State Fireworks     1256                    $            4,900.00

Geoffrey Grice                1257 (VOIDED)   $       200.00

Nick Nuzzo                          1261                      $                   69.41


                                                                             $            4,969.41

Mark Emmerson and Dan Cardellichio approved Treasures Report.

Dino reported that The Trump Card Exchange was very successful. We had a great turnout. Dino thanked everyone who participated and helped out.

Officer Slate for 2022

Lina Scanelli           Secretary
Lauren Papaleo      VP
Jim Schatzel           VP
Vito Viola                President


9/12 – Colts Neck Polo. Tailgates are still available.

10/19 – Pig Roast at Huddy’s. A band will be at the event. There will be a full pig at the roast. Tickets are $40 pre-order and at door $45.

Economic Development Committee (EDC) – Glen reported. They are busy developing a social media platform. They will be producing ½ dozen videos highlighting businesses in CN. Dan Cardellichio will handle the production. The committee is busy working to promote business in Colts Neck.

Sue Fitzpatrick (Committeewoman and Township Liaison) reported on the 9/11 20th Anniversary Program – to be held at the Memorial Garden at Town Hall on 9/11. The Kushner Application is still pending. It will be discussed at the Township in-person General Meeting tonight at Town Hall 7:30pm.

All members introduced themselves.

Dino thanked Isabella for all her hard work on behalf of CNBA. She is on maternity leave. Her replacement was introduced.

Glen also reported that the County has resources/programs to assist businesses. Greg encouraged all business owners to inform themselves of these programs.

Dino closed the meeting @ 8:45am


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