CNBA Business Association Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2013, 8:00 a.m.
Colts Neck Library

Glen Dalakian called meeting to order at 8:08 a.m. and welcomed everyone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sue Fitzpatrick.
CNBA officers introduced themselves.

There was a moment of silence for remembrance and prayer for 9/11.

Glen Dalakian spoke about OPC and said the group is continuing its meetings, as it is a long term plan for recovering efforts for Union Beach.  David Sokoler said that the Cultivate Connctions revenue was $1554.00, we are donating over $1300 to OPC.  Glen Dalakian will be presenting check to OPC on behalf of the CNBA.
Mike Tormey made motion to approve August 2013 meeting minutes .  Cathy Murray seconded. Motion was passed.

David Sokoler gave Treasurer’s report – CNBA currently has a balance of $2890.23 in Money Market (scholarship account), $7,940.08 in PNC Operating Account and $7,958.05 in PayPal Account – Total $18,788.36. A motion was made to approve Treasurer’s Report by Thom Hennessey and second by Mark Payne. Motion passed.

Glen gave an update on Sal Barbagallo.  He is improving and was moved to a rehab facility in Matawan, NJ.  It is a long road to recovery, so prayers are needed for both him and his family.  Glen said a card should be sent from the CNBA.  He is on dialysis 3-4 times a week, and everyone is encouraged to go visit Sal.

Glen gave an update about the Sil Lutkewitte memorial that the CNBA will be donating a park bench in his name at the Colts Neck Community Center.  Thom Hennessey had provided the CNBA with many bench choices, we are still trying to decide which one to use.
Glen asked group if there was any new businesses in town and answer was no
Sue Fitzpatrick said the seasonal mailer will be going out the end of the month, so please check the CNBA website to make sure your information is correct.
David Sokoler gave an update on Colts Neck Day at BlueClaws – he said there was no specific details just yet, he has not spoken to Kevin Fenstermacher.  Glen added he heard from members that the event went well.

Mike Tormey gave an update on the CNBA Pig Roast event that was coming up on September 16.  He said the over 100 tickets were sold, we got the same pig roaster from last year, desserts were being provided by Perkins, a Photo booth will be at the event.  He mentioned that this event is more of a social event for the group, it should be a good time.

Glen Dalakian mentioned that Bryan Kuderna brought the coffee for the CNBA monthly meeting and thanked him for that.

Greg Calderaro gave update on the October Town Hall meeting, he said that many politicians will be attending – Mayor Michael Fitzgerals, Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden and Assemblywoman Carolyn Casagrande.  He said the there will be coffee and cake after the town hall meeting that will be taking place on October 22, 2013 from 7 to 9 pm at CNHS in the Auditorium.  He said there will be a question and answer forum, so please start thinking about questions for the representatives on a town, county, state, and federal level.  He has set up an email at to send in questions to.  Glen Dalakian said to spread the word and it is an opportunity for people to see what their elected officials are up to. 

Lisa Aldridge spoke about heading the Nominating Committee for the CNBA Exec board for 2014.  She said she is building the slate.  Glen Dalakian said the slate is complete the day of election, we do not take nominees that day, he reminded to be considered for the Exec Committee you have to either live in Colts Neck or own a business in Colts Neck.

David Sokoler spoke about the Added Value package – he reminded he group about what it was and that it consisted of 10 to 12 services donated by members as well as $500 cash to winner.

Glen Dalakian gave an update on the Economic Development Committee – stating that they are looking for a new chair, Don Norkus ran it for a very long time, and that anyone interested please see him.

Leanne Luccarelli gave an update on the Welcome Committee – she said she wanted to change the basket because there are not enough items in it and it looks chinsy.  Andrea Giannoupoulos mentioned we should give a bottle of champagne instead, Mike Fitzgerald said we should put our logo on the bottle, Glen Dalakian asked Sue Fitzpatrick if we could find something to put in – maybe use 4JG’s.

Patty Volberst gave an update on the CNBA website – she stated that she is working on the new website for the group and that she is looking for testers for the website, please just take 10 minutes out of your time to help out and give your opinion, contact her if you want to.

David Sokoler gave an update on the Education Committee – he asked if anyone that is a CNBA member and is interested in speaking to the group to please contact him.
Mike Tormey gave an update on the Membership Committee – he stated that currently CNBA has 184 members and mentioned that renewals for 2014 membership starts in October, it is critical to get your dues in so your name and company listing does not go off website in January.

Mayor of Colts Neck Michael Fitzgerald was the guest speaker.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Carolyn Burtnick, Corresponding Secretary of CNBA

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