CNBA General Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2014
Colts Neck Library

Anna Appolonia called the meeting to order at 8:15 a.m. and welcomed everyone

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tom Hennessy

CNBA officers introduced themselves, (in attendance; Anna Appolonia, Greg Calderero, Carolyn Burtnick, Patti Vollherbst, David Sokoler, Glen Dalakian, Alison Atnenucci)

Rich Yaeger made motion to approve minutes from October 2014 meeting. Dan Fenski seconded. Motion passed.

David Sokoler gave Treasurer’s report – CNBA has $5665.43 in PNC checking account, $3669.00v in Pay Pal account, and $2890.59 in Money Market account. Total $12,225.02 Motion to approve by Mike Tormey, seconded by Rich Yaeger. Motion passed.

New businesses in town were Art D’Armiento of Inspire Paint Center, Stephanie Bartner from the Write Move, and Thomas Register from ACN Merchant Card Services.

Upcoming events are Window Painting done by CNHS art students the first week of December and the installation of officers at the next meeting. It will be held on December 10 at town hall and will offer a catered breakfast followed by some time for networking.

Anna thanked Sue Fitzpatrick for sponsoring the last card exchange in conjunction with Trump. She invited anyone interested in hosting a future card exchange to speak with Carolyn who is the current event planner.

Carolyn asked any business interested in having their windows painted for the holidays to see her after the meeting. She also asked for volunteers to help with the judging.

Dee Zander announced that March 10, 2015 is the date for the next luncheon to be held at Trump. She is holding her first committee meeting next Thurs Nov 20th at Perkins.

Patty explained the “Shop Small” program, which is sponsored by American Express and will take place on Sat. Nov 29th. There is a website with more info. Basically while Black Friday is the big shopping day for the large retailers, Shop Small is the day to try and support local businesses.

David spoke about Added Value and announced that the next drawing will take place in January.

Mike Tormey announced that the current membership is at 218. There are 12 new members from the recent card exchange at Trump. Since January is the cutoff for the next mailer he encouraged any prospective members to be sure and have their dues paid by then.

Lisa Aldridge mentioned that the students from CNHS are currently shooting locations around town for the video and the survey for CN residents is being developed.   A slogan or brand for the business district will be undertaken next year.

Because the elections were taking place today Glen explained that the slate would be presented and then a vote would be taken. He also said that because there is a 2 year limit on the position of treasurer, David Sokoler would not be continuing so Mary Barbagallo was being nominated. Carolyn would be stepping down as Vice Presedent and Sue Fitzpatrick was nominated for that position.

Anna called for a vote by a show of hands from the membership. After a unanimous vote Lisa Aldridge made a motion to approve the results and Frank Delle Donne seconded. Motion was approved.

All attendees introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their businesses.

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully Submitted,

Alison Antenucci, Recording Secretary

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