CNBA General Meeting Minutes

August 10 2016

Colts Neck Library

Sue Fitzpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:08 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tom Hennessey. Introduction of officers.

Sue announced that the slate of officers for next year will be presented at the November meeting and will be voted on at that time. She asked anyone interested in running for an office to contact us.

Sue asked for new businesses in town and Dori Kirshner, an owner of a fitness center in town introduced herself, as she has recently joined.

Committee reports were as follows:

Mike Tormey – After the card exchange at Trump we received 10 new members, bringing total membership to 186.

Mike also gave details for the upcoming Pig Roast.

Sue asked for ads so she can complete the map which will be out next month.

Sue gave Treasurer’s report: We have $13,793.59 in PNC checking, $2891.09 in money market account, and $1463.25 in PayPal account, totaling $18,147.93. Bob Gasaway made motion to approve Treasurer’s report, Rich Yaeger second, Motion passed.

Patty invited any member wishing to speak about their business at a meeting to submit a business card at the end of the meetings, and a card will be drawn randomly. That person will be given 10-15 minutes to showcase their business at a future meeting.

Kevin spoke about the Colts Neck Night at the Blue Claws, which will take place on Aug. 17th.

Vendor tables will be available for $250 including $25 tickets and can be purchased online.

Anna announced the Day at the Races in conjunction with EIPA and the Long Branch Chamber of Commerce, taking place at Monmouth Park on Aug. 26th.

We asked anyone wishing to host a card exchange to see a member of the board.

Sue said that July 3rd was probably the best day to hold the fireworks next year. The event was approved last month at the general meeting.

The Oct. 10th meeting will be held at Town Hall due to the art show which will be taking place in the library.

Art Raskin announced First Responders day which will be held at CNHS on Sat. Sep. 24th. The police and fire department along with the First Aid and Sheriff’s office will be present.

Art made a motion for CNBA to donate $200 to fund a give-away to students who attend. Bob Gasaway second, motion passed.

Members introduced themselves and many spoke briefly about upcoming events or topics of interest in their businesses.

Patty explained that the last portion of the meeting would be used for speed networking which gave members an opportunity to spend 1-2 minutes with several members of the organization.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci

Recording Secretary

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