CNBA General Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2016

Colts Neck Town Hall

Sue Fitzpatrick called the meeting to order at 8:20 and welcomed all members.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Gasaway

Sue asked that everyone remember Glen Dalakian in their prayers as he was recently hospitalized.

Rich Yaeger made a motion to approve the minutes from November meeting.  Michael Viola second. Motion approved.

Dino Nicoletta gave the Treasurer’s report.  CNBA has $ 6,598.98 in PNC checking, $2891.19 in PNC Money Market, $1000 in Investors Bank, and $2866.10 in Pay Pal account. Total  $13,356.27. Mike Tormey made motion to approve Treasurer’s report. Bob Gasaway second. Motion approved.

Sue passed out copies of the By Laws with proposed changes, to the members, and then read and  explained each change.  Greg further explained the reason for periodically making changes as needs arise.  A vote was taken and unanimously approved by the membership.

Sue announced that copies of the Ordinance to create an Economic Development Committee (CNEDC) which was recently passed by the Township Committee, is available for anyone interested.  The CNBA is a designated committee member along with 4 other to-be-appointed public members.

Window painting was completed on the windows of eleven businesses throughout town, on Friday December 9th, by the students from CNHS.  Sue suggested that  after the judging is completed by a designated committee from CNBA the ribbons should be displayed on the winning windows for the remainder of the holiday season.  This year CNBA donated  $250 toward the expense of the art supplies needed for the project.  One of the recipients of the painting project was so pleased with the results that she has offered to make a donation to the high school as well.

The estimate for the replacement of the  library sign is $2000 - $2500 so at this point other bids are being sought.

March 14th is the date of the luncheon to be held at Trump National Golf Course.

It was announced that a new kitchen showroom will be opening soon in the location previously occupied by Cosmopawlitan.

Installation of the new officers for 2017 was officiated by Anna Appolonia, the immediate past president.  Anna spoke briefly of the duties of each officer and encouraged other members to consider holding office in the future.

The newly elected board consists of the following members:

President – Sue Fitzpatrick

Vice President – Greg Calderaro

Vice President – Patty Vollherbst

Treasurer – Dino Nicoletta

Corresponding Secretary – Sheila Olt

Recording Secretary – Alison Antenucci

The current Advisors to the Board are Glen Dalakian, Bob Gasaway and Anna Appolonia.

All members introduced themselves and gave a short overview of their business and any announcement or event pertinent to their business.

Greg mentioned the achievements and accomplishments of the DECA and ROTC programs from CNHS.

Jackie Berman has invited members of CNBA to a business forum which will be taking place in March.  She will be providing further information at the next meeting.

Members of the board introduced themselves and Sue then closed the meeting and invited  members to stay for refreshments.

Meeting Adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Antenucci

Recording Secretary

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