August 2021 General Meeting Minutes

CNBA General Meeting

Colts Neck Library

August 8, 2021

In Attendance: Dino Nicoletta, Leanne Lucarelli, Liz Dritsas, Vito Viola, John Luongo, Greg Calderaro, Kymberly Mate, Glen Dalakian, Sue Fitzpatrick


Dino opened the meeting at 8:05 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mike and Lucy approved last month’s meeting notes.


Date:                             8/4/2021           Deposits in Transit

PayPal Balance          $ 1,302.75           $

Investors Checking       29,297.13           

Deposits in Transit                 —             

Outstanding Checks     (8,169.41)         

__________ ________________

Outstanding Checks

PAYEE                               Check #                  Amount


Ellie Petrousas                     1248                    $           1,000.00

Garden State Fireworks     1256                    $            4,900.00

Geoffrey Grice                     1257                     $                200.00

CN Xtra Booster Club        1259                     $                500.00

CN PBA 333                         1260                     $             1,500.00

Nick Nuzzo                          1261                      $                   69.41


                                                                             $             8,169.41

Scott and Art approved treasurers report.


Tonight is our Card Exchange at Trump National. It will takes place inside.

Sept 12th – Colts Neck Polo. Sue Fitzpatrick reported. We are providing bags with promotional items inside. If anyone knows of anyone who would like to promote their business, please contact Sue. We will be selling hats and T-shirts during the event. We are looking for businesses to advertise in the CN Polo book. We have a limited number of tailgate spots. No limit on general admission. Tickets are available on Event Bright.

Pig Roast – Oct 19th. Ticket cost for pre purchase is $35 and $45 at the door. Full pig will be served. Tickets are available on Event Bright.

Economic Development Committee (EDC): Glen reported. Four new restaurants will be coming to town. EDC will launch campaign to invite more business to CN. Please contact Glen for more information.

Kymberly reported on membership. We have 170 members. Please contact Kym for more information.

Members introduced themselves.

Dino introduced our Speaker – Mayor Mike Viola.

Mayor Viola updated the membership on the construction of the new CN Township building. Objective is to be in the building by October 2022. The affordable housing deadline is 6/30/2025 as issued by a court of law. The township continues to work with Naval Station Weapons Earl to bring sewers to the business community on Rt 34. Township continues to promote new businesses in town. They are creating a vision board to curate the appropriate businesses which are compatible with the master plan. Township is moving forward with various road projects. The Township purchased the 5 acre parcel adjacent to Five Point Park. They are looking for volunteers to form a committee to appropriately incorporate the 5 acre parcel into Five Point Park. A 9/11 Memorial service will take place on 9/11 commemorating the lives lost during 9/11. It will begin at 6pm at the back of Town Hall near the memorial.

Dino ended the meeting 8:42am.


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